Corporate culture

By cooperation and win-win to gain reciprocity and mutual benefit, SAJ aims at win-win results and strives for maximized benefits of the company itself, of the equipment manufacturers, of the intermediate partners and the customers by making unremitting efforts.
“Knowledge is power”. Learning is an indispensable element for growth of each enterprise. SAJ considers learning as the fundamental way to seek survival and development, to make use of and develop the wisdom of the enterprise at a maximum level and to achieve growth in learning, so that it can be ranked at the top position of the Pyramid in the industry.
Innovation brings development and creates opportunities. It is source of power for SAJ. In the commercial competition where fast fishes eat slow fishes, no sluggish or numbness is allowed. Only with continuous innovation can we make SAJ stronger and promote it to be the leader of the trend in the industry.
Integrity is the most important factor for development of each enterprise. With integrity as the footstone, SAJ dedicates itself to professional and leading zero-carbon energy saving & controlling technology development and ranks in the front of the industry. SAJ has successfully established a good mutual trust mechanism between the enterprise and customers, between the enterprise and all the employee and between the enterprise and the society. Meanwhile, integrity is also a significant weapon for SAJ to win partnerships.
Corporate vision
Construct a green smart and effective energy environment to create a healthy, happy and beautiful life.
Corporate mission
Provide leading motor drive & control technology and renewable energy conversion, transmission and storage solutions.
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