Relevant official reports have released the subsidy scheme for home batteries in the Flanders, Belgium. The report has announced that the Government of Flanders has approved the introduction of a subsidy for home batteries of maximum of 3,200 euros per battery. 

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The subsidy for home batteries will amount to 250 euros per kilowatt hour, with a maximum of 3,200 euros per connection point or 35 percent of the investment costs. The subsidy scheme is currently available until the end of 2020. With this subsidy, the Flanders government wants to convince solar roof owners to purchase battery.

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S1 AC Retrofit Battery System (S1-3K-5.0)

SAJ S1 AC Retrofit Battery System (S1-3K-5.0)is a type of innovative and smart energy storage product which meets demand of customers in the Flanders region.  With this product, solar roof owners who has already installed PV systems, can easily transform their grid-tied PV plant into storage. 

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S1 has been presented in Intersolar Europe in recent days, attracting great interest of various foreign customers for the features as below:

• Quick storage retrofit on existing PV plants;

• Compatible with all inverter brands;

• Built-in 5kWh lithium battery (extendable);

• With UPS function, switch time ≤ 10ms;

• Easy setting of various working modes.

How does S1 work?

•In daytime, surplus solar power will be stored by S1 for using afterwards, to improve self-consumption rate.

•In peak power price hours, power from S1 supports the loads; while in valley power price hours, S1 is charged by the grid. Finally a balance could be realized.

•In case of grid fault, S1 will make sure no outage in the loads, achieving UPS function

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Every year, more than 30,000 residential PV plants are installed in Belgium, which gives a great condition for storage retrofit. With SAJ S1 AC Retrofit Battery System (S1-3K-5.0) in hand, citizens in the Flanders region will certainly enjoy the subsidy scheme more conveniently and easily.