National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and National Energy Administration had jointly released the Notice on Relevant Items on PV Power Generation in 2018, which is called the strictest PV new policies in history and guarantees no free time for PV insiders to cope with the tough condition. 

The PV industry in China is full of worries in recent days. Many people reflect that since the subsidy had fallen down, will PV industry in China decline? A point that people should make sure is that in China or the whole world, no industry will survive and develop healthily by relying on subsidy in the long-term. 

So does PV industry! If a certain industry enjoys national subsidy, this means that this industry is strongly supported and encouraged by the country. The industry could be promoted to develop healthily and fast with economic incentives such as national subsidies. However, when the industry is developing to a certain maturity degree, national subsidy will be canceled. Release of this new policy just reflect that PV industry in China isn’t in its infant growing phase. 

PV industry in China had achieved fast development due to strong support of national policies. The development speed is a little bit too fast and many people just squeeze into the industry to share a cup of cake, which just lead to birth of many PV products without reasonable qualifications and uneven products in the market. This just makes some citizens doubt about PV technology. Some of them even claim that it’s a trap, imposing an innocent guilt to PV industry.

In recent days, new policies have been released and some enterprises who just chase for more profit may recede from this industry, and those which finally survive will be brands we trust. 

Prospect of small and medium commercial photovoltaics is still promising. 

The subsidy has been reduced while the final result will not be as bad as we imagine. Small and medium commercial rooftops especially are suitable for building PV power stations though subsidy for PV projects has been reduced! Impact of the policy is small while the income is quite promising.

Commercial users mostly use electricity of high price and the price is of different gradients and expensive. Upon installing the power station, commercial users could use the power generated by the PV power station to reduce electricity cost of the enterprise in a “self-generation and self-consumption” mode, to realize more power generation and save electricity expense.

Rooftop area of commercial users is a large suspended resource and could be developed and fully used. It’s a new income channel for commercial users. Most commercial users will consider about the capital utilization rate and efficiency is what the priority they’ll consider. PV project just needs one-time investment but guarantees income of many years.

Now many enterprises have begun to advocate environmental protection concept. Installing a PV power station not just saves electricity cost and earns profit, but also means making contribution to a green life in tomorrow to a certain significance. If a medium enterprise has installed a PV power station, emission of poisonous gas such as CO2 would be greatly reduced.

PV power station projects are very economical for commercial users. If you have your own commercial project such as small factories, small enterprises which are still consuming high electricity price, you could check and confirm if they’re very suitable to install PV power station.