Since more than a week after the new policy released on May 31st. If you’re equipment manufacturer, or distributor or installed inside the domestic PV industry market, then your feeling in this week would be relevant with anger, sadness, calmness, reflex and then you began to consider about transformation. “Transformation” sounds easy but it’s hard to make it into practice. The following aspects could be considered to be the transformation directions for PV industry.

1.Potential of energy storage

When it comes to PV transformation, it’s easy for people to think about energy storage. The most scientific energy utilization form is to combine PV with energy storage. They’re closely related with each other. When they’re applied in large areas, the cost tends to be high. What’s luckier for PV is that in the promotion process, government has carried out high subsidy for PV energy till they’re connected to the grid with equal price, which hasn’t ever been enjoyed by solar energy.

Though there’s no independent subsidy on energy storage, fast development of energy storage industry may owe to new energy automobiles. In recent 3 years, the cost for energy storage has reduce by 35% and there’s still great potential for the reduction range. As it’s estimated, the difference between the peak electricity price and the valley electricity price is higher than 6.

We believe that with fast reduction of the energy storage cost, the commercial energy storage in the next two or three years will lead another wave of application.

2. Commercial rooftop distribution PV

This 5.31 new policy just controlled subsidy scale of distributed 10GW PV projects. Without subsidy, residential PV projects aren’t feasible anymore because the electricity price is too low and cost can’t be covered. Then how about the commercial rooftop stations with high electricity price? Think about it carefully. It’s feasible for commercial rooftop projects to be connected on grid with equal price on the power consumption side.

It has been expected that commercial rooftop projects to be connected on grid with an equal price will just be carried out in the next several years. However, with strict implementation of 5.32 new policy, this process would be fastened. So commercial rooftop projects will be probably connected on grid with an equal price in 2019. There’s huge potential for commercial rooftop distributed projects. With gradual reduction of the cost of PV system, many small and medium commercial rooftop projects would be started in the second half year of 2018.

3. Solar energy application products

If PV industry in domestic market can’t be produced in mass, then it should be transformed to products with more additional profit. For example, more solar energy application products could be developed to add the additional value, to avoid the new fields of PV application and make new breakthroughs.

Though PV has developed for so long a time, it hasn’t come to an end. Instead. More and more people are relying on this new form of energy. But the fact that PV energy hasn’t become a rigid demand for people is the biggest limiting factor that prevents development of PV industry. 

Development of solar energy application products could involve people’s knowledge on PV power generation more flexibly. In the future, more and more people will accept relevant PV products, just like how energy storage has already stepped into people’s daily life in various forms.