According to relevant information from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on April 19th, six departments have printed and released the “Intelligent PV Industry Development Action Plan 2018-2020”. As pointed out by the action plan construction effect of intelligent PV power plants will be obvious in 2020 and obvious advancements would be achieved in automation, Informatization and intelligentization. Breakthroughs would be made in intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, to support improvement in competitiveness in PV intelligent manufacturing software and equipment. Supply capacity of intelligent PV products has been strengthened to form brand effects while the “Going out” steps have been fastened. Intelligent PV system construction and O&M level have been improved and applied in many fields, forming a batch of competitive solutions supplier; development environment for intelligent PV industry has been continuously improved; talent teams have been basically established, while the standard system and checking & accreditation platform have bene continuously improved.


Release of this notice will bring much benefit for enterprises on intelligent PV industry chain. The Plan points out to support production, mechanization and automation of steps of polycrystalline silicon, such as production, obtaining, delivery, breaking, separating, cleaning and package, to develop integrated intelligent inverter, controller, combine box, energy storage system, tracking system and efficient power electronics suitable for intelligent PV system integrating functions such as power conversion, remote control, data acquisition, online analysis and environment self-adaptation. Meanwhile, PV application construction projects in industrial zones, new type industrial and industrial demonstration bases will be encouraged.

Currently, National Energy Administration has released “Measures for PV Power Stations for Poverty Alleviation”. Upon release of this policy, modes for poverty alleviation are more confirmed, the cash flow of the whole power station will be healthier. Price on the industrial chain basically are kept stable. With the ending of slack seasons, the pressure of cost reduction on industrial chain will be reduced. According to data from PVinfolink, price of the silicon material, monocrystalline silicon piece and the battery is stable. It’s expected that the period from May to June would  welcome a peak season of installing PV projects at home. The current period is a good opportunity to install PV industries and PV industry will welcome long-term investment opportunities.

It’s estimated that installation capacity in the first quarter in the PV industry will surpass that of the same period of the last year. Installation capacity in January is about 7GW while distributed PV will be actively promoted and become one of the main trends of installation this year. Bidding for PV projects were mainly carried out in March, while installation would be fastened in April. And those projects haven’t been finished last year are expected to be installed in the second season of this year. With the fast development of technology, capacity of monocrystalline PERC battery is fastened to be invested, which will promote market share of monocrystalline. New materials would be fastened to be promoted, to promote improvement in conversion frequency.