Today, SAJ has warmly received the group of SolarToday, SAJ's strategical partners from Netherland in Guangzhou Headquoter office. This is a yearly visit since their cooperation in 2013, to consolidate the partnerships of the two parties and deepen the mutual-benefit cooperation in Europe.


During the visit, SolarToday partners have been introduced SAJ's latest products of solar solutions. SolarToday partners are of great interest and SAJ team have answered questions concerning energy management system eSolar, techniques and usage of R5 Series Rooftop Inverter.


"Our focus in Europe will be rooftop solar solutions, more precisely, on-grid solutions and storage solutions for residential and small & medium-scale commercial systems," said General Manager Samil when talking about SAJ's marketing strategy in Europe, "there is an increasing demand of smart energy management. We are heading to smart energy, smart home; and storage systems of solar energy will be the next coming trend worldwide." To better embrace this future, SAJ has laid out solutions to SolarToday partners.

On-grid Solutions: the R5 Series

SAJ provides R5 Series Rooftop Inverter with an output ranging from 0.7 to 20 kW. The R5 series comprises the following models: R5-0.7K /1K /1.5K /2K /2.5K /3K-S1 (single-phase, 1 MPPT); R5-3K /3.6K /4K /5K /6K /7K /8K-S2 (single-phase, 2 MPPTs); and R5-4K /5K /6K /8K /9K /10K /12K /13K /15K /17K /20K-T2 (three-phase, 2 MPPTs), for residential and small & medium-scale commercial systems. Targeting on rooftop solar solutions, the R5 series is friendly to users: safe & efficient, small & easy to use, smart & quiet.


Storage Solar Solutions

For storage solar systems, SAJ provides H1 Series Hybrid Battery Inverter. For those customers who want to upgrade on-grid solar systems to storage solar systems, SAJ provides solutions with AS1 AC Retrofit Battery System.


H1 Series Hybrid Battery Inverter


AS1 AC Retrofit Battery System

Building up partnerships since 2013, SAJ and SolarToday together have accomplished outstanding achievements and will continue to move forward hand in hand for the development of smart energy in Europe.