Civil roof system

The civil rooftop system is a power generation system that uses solar panels to set up photovoltaic modules on the roof or platform to convert solar energy into electric energy and transmit electricity to the low-voltage grid. The promotion of the civil r

Large ground power station system

Large ground grid connected photovoltaic power station is a solar photovoltaic power station which is connected to the public power grid and is jointly responsible for the power supply task. It is an important development direction of solar photovoltaic g

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation project is an important policy for improving the quality of life of poor households. It is a new poverty alleviation way to increase income of poor households, and zero emission and zero pollution can achieve long-term and

Commercial rooftop system

The commercial rooftop power plant system is a small clean energy power plan using rooftop of the commercial buildings combined with the solar power generation, It can save the electricity bills and improve the thermal insulate capability and bring stable

Residential rooftop system

Product details Residential rooftop system uses rooftop or platform to set up solar modules, to convert the solar irradiation to electricity for self use. The extra energy will be transferred to the power grid.

Utility-scale system

Utility-scale system refers to solar plant connecting to the power grid but also generating electricity.

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