Air compressor solution

Pneumatic technology is one of the most effective means of production process automation and mechanization, has the advantages of high efficiency, clean and safe, low cost, easy maintenance, air compressor is a pneumatic system in electrical leads the mai

Landscape fountain system

The application of PV pumping system in the outdoor pool and garden pond park, can develop courtyard economy, landscaping, construction, park color fountain fish, shrimp pond aerator.

Solution of variable frequency supply wind

The fan is a general fluid load. The conveying medium is mainly air. It has the characteristics of fluidity, shear resistance and tension resistance, and has no fixed shape. It has relative motion under the action of fan blades, and the control volume is

Variable frequency solution for constant pressure water supply

Water is human survival treasure resources, management and use of water are increasing the load characteristics of the pump equipment based on the control of water supply by frequency conversion technology is becoming more and more mature, compared with t

Frequency conversion solution of double face grinding machine

In modern processing and production, it is often necessary to use grinding equipment to grind or polish the workpiece in plane to improve the physical properties of the product. Double sided grinding machine used in high quality parallel plane grinding ma

Longmen planer solution

Longmen planer used in plane groove or rail planing large or heavy workpieces; also can be equipped with a plurality of small workpiece; the workpiece to be machined and the fixed table, the linear reciprocating motion through the motor drive table, and t

Frequency conversion solution of double twister

Double twisting machine belongs to the textile equipment, mainly used for single yarn; processing object is made of cotton, hemp and wool, silk, spandex and all kinds of chemical fiber filament and silk etc., especially suitable for processing the knot le

Civil roof system

The civil rooftop system is a power generation system that uses solar panels to set up photovoltaic modules on the roof or platform to convert solar energy into electric energy and transmit electricity to the low-voltage grid. The promotion of the civil r

Large ground power station system

Large ground grid connected photovoltaic power station is a solar photovoltaic power station which is connected to the public power grid and is jointly responsible for the power supply task. It is an important development direction of solar photovoltaic g

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation project is an important policy for improving the quality of life of poor households. It is a new poverty alleviation way to increase income of poor households, and zero emission and zero pollution can achieve long-term and

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