Industrial drainage solution

Industrial drainage is an important part of complicated industrial production system.

Industrial drainage is an important part of complicated industrial production system.The industrial wastewater is complexin kind and large in quantity, which also contains a large number of harmful substancesand excess heat.Industrial drainage system is to treat,discharge and recycleindustrial wastewateraccording to thestandard.

A lot of special process equipmenthas been designed for different industrial drainage systems such as specialpurpose machineryin addition to general and special valve type device. These devices are in need of new electric transmission device to achieve more efficient control, more energy-saving operation and more advanced process.

SAJ electric provides professionaland new electric transmission productslike smart pump drive and integrative variable frequency drive etc.which are applied in the industrialwater drainage field and can adapt to complex process and be able to respond quickly to fluctuating conditions with a reliable guarantee for the long-term operation.At the same time, it also provides special high protection products to adapt to the diversified industrial application environment and meet the requirements of different control objects.


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