Frequency conversion solution of double face grinding machine

In modern processing and production, it is often necessary to use grinding equipment to grind or polish the workpiece in plane to improve the physical properties of the product. Double sided grinding machine used in high quality parallel plane grinding ma

Overview of application.

Longmen planer used in plane groove or rail planing large or heavy workpieces; also can be equipped with a plurality of small workpiece; the workpiece to be machined and the fixed table, the linear reciprocating motion through the motor drive table, and then fixed on the beam of the cutter and the workpiece produce relative motion, complete planing process.


- application challenges

The speed of the load is stable, and it is not lost.

Low speed planing has sufficient torque.

Realize fast start and brake;


The above 4 basic processes of planer are listed. When they are planed, they start at low speed. At this time, they need to start slowly, and then enter into the planing section after starting. At this time, the output torque of motors is stable, the response characteristics to the sudden load are good, and the output speed is stable without losing rotation.

Analog signal converter with built-in 0-10V/4-20mA interface, can realize the stepless speed regulation can meet the needs of different products to adjust the speed, the open-loop vector control inverter, can obtain larger torque, to ensure smooth and low starting planer planing speed stability; by the rapid move function, after the end of workpiece, can quickly adjust to the origin position, improve processing efficiency, internal standard Modbus communication can be realized with PLC touch screen PC control, realize the automatic production equipment;

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